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What’s on Tap

Prairie Street Brewing Co. offers world-class beer in a range of styles; from lagers to IPA’s and stouts to saison’s, our 16 faucets and two beer engines will have something for everyone. Each beer is handcrafted for quality, freshness, and consistency so that every glass poured is as delicious as our brewer intended. So be sure to check with us often to see what’s on tap!

The Regulars

Screw City Light
Super light American lager with fresh malt flavor and squeaky clean finish.

8.8 IBU  3.6% ABV

Bold wheat flavor bends over backwards to bright banana and clove with chewy mouthfeel.

13.4  IBU  5.3% ABV

Petritz Pale Ale
American Pale Ale, dry hopped with Falconers Flight. Flavor notes of lemon and bubblegum.

36 IBU 5.1% ABV

West Coast IPA
A brewhouse favorite. Blend of Cascade, Millennium & Mosaic hops.

68 IBU 6.4% ABV

The Transients

These beers are crowd favorites but unfortunately, there is only room for so many beers to be poured at once! Give us a call or stop in to see what’s pouring!

Krystal Kolsch
A filtered version of the classic German beer style. Light, creamy, and totally crushable.

21 IBU 5% ABV

Peacock Pale Lager
A careful blend of four hops gives this refreshing summer beer a mild citrus note and a clean hop finish that wont ruffle your tail feathers.

29 IBU   5.3% ABV

Black and Blue Kolsch
A light refreshing kolsch with a balanced berry flavor, made from real blackberries and blueberries.

20 IBU 4.6% ABV

Grand Dame American Blonde
A delicious American blonde ale, handcrafted in tribute of Coronado Performing Arts Center and their 90th anniversary.  Exhibits a fruity aroma, complimented by a full bodied malt character. Bread and biscuit notes give way to a mildly spicy, noble hop finish.

35 IBU 5.0% ABV

Rocktown Brown
Dark and malty, yet light in body. A truly refreshing brown.

24 IBU 5.3% ABV

Kongsgaard Farmhouse Ale

Named after our co-founder’s ancestral farm in Denmark.  Hints of pear and apricot, light body and low perceived bitterness lead to a pleasantly peppery finish.

23 IBU   5.8% ABV

Wheat Wine

Full-bodied wheat ale with complex fruity character and a clean finish.

44 IBU   8.7% ABV

Cask Conditioned

Scottish Ale
Big, bold malt flavor with deep caramel notes and an earthy hop finish.  If you like the English Pub Ale, c’mon over to the dark side.

22 IBU 5.6% ABV

English Pub Ale
A smooth and malty English pub standard with balanced hop character and a crisp finish

39 IBU 5.5% ABV

Also Available

5 oz Sample Flights

32 oz. Howlers $10 Full / $6 Refill / $7 Empty

64 oz Growlers $18 Full / $12 Refill / $10 Empty

32 oz Crowlers $8

Sorry, but cask-conditioned beers are not available in Growlers.


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